External Vendor Document Control Requirements

1.0 Purpose and Scope:
To provide an effective process for the control, accessibility and retention of documents and records stored at vendors facilities. 
2.0 Definitions:
All electronic/hard copy records must be controlled, retained and retrievable per the same requirements. For electronic records that are moved from computer files, the storage media must be capable of maintaining the data integrity for the full retention period.

Quality records to be retained are, but not limited to:

  • First article inspections reports
  • Final inspection & test reports
  • Process control records (used as acceptance criteria)
  • Radiographs, technique sheets and related acceptance reports.
  • Receiving records (e.g., test reports and material certifications, etc.,)

All quality records must be retained and be made available for the applicable retention period specified below.

  • 11 years for all quality records unless noted differently.
  • 11 years for radiographs unless specified differently by the purchase order, part drawing or required customer’s traceability requirements.
  • 40 years for radiographs that are noted as “Flight Safety” or “Critical”

All records must be available for review by BMC or any customers or regulatory authorities in accordance with any contracts or regulatory requirements.


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